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Forgive Me For Saying… February 23, 2010

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But I don’t care about Cheryl Cole’s relationship.

I’m sure for Mrs Cole/Miss Tweedy (whatever we’re meant to call her now) that she is going through a hard time at the moment, but it is part of her private life, which should be taken care of in private, and not manipulated by the tabloids to sell more newspapers. This is just yet another story in a stream of “celebrity” scandals to be front page news on the majority of the mainstream british papers. Beginning with Tiger Woods, then John  Terry, Vernon Kaye and finally Ashley Cole. It just makes me wonder who’s next? Has Des O’Connor been sending saucy morse code messages to Angela Lansbury, sending charcoal etchings of himself wearing just his long johns. The silver fox that he is.


Now I’m not saying ban all gossip, no, a bit of gossip is fine. Just don’t put it on the front page of a newspaper or in the middle of a news report as if it is a real issue that deserves other peoples thought. We haven’t got a right to know anything about them, we don’t like when people pry into our private lives, so why feel the right to look at someone else’s (who you’ve never met) and comment on the situation, but it’s not our fault that these stories are constantly being batted around.

Over the past 10 to 15 years since the internet has become more prominent, newspapers in particular have been having to fight for their readers. In this technological age people can get the news they want, when they want, for free and at the touch of a button. So the only way that newspapers are managing to keep up their sales is by breaking scandals, scare stories, or emotional stories.

Over the past few years the front page has mainly been taken up the majority of the time by things such as Mad Cow Disease, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, terrorist attacks, possible terrorist attacks, foiled terrorist attacks, the search for terrorists, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, paedophiles, rapists, child killers, the credit crunch, MP’s expenses, celebrity sex scandals, celebrity drug scandals, celebrity drink scandals, natural disasters, the snow, the floods, and the heatwaves. And who can forget the fuss made about the Russell Brand Jonathan Ross phone-call scandal.

Without these things being over hyped the papers just wouldn’t sell. Whenever there is a health scare the papers seem to try to tell you that your probably going to die or know someone who will. They only show the worst possible situations, they never tell you the best because no one would read a piece with the headline “10 PEOPLE MAY DIE”, yes a sad loss of life but no where near as impressive at 100,000. The likelihood is that the things that could affect you probably wont, life is boring and full of nothing important.

Yes, we know paedophiles exist, but they don’t exist on every street, in every town. Stop scaring parents into not letting their children go out without having a constant eye on them. Kids are meant to go out, get lost, get dirty and have fun. Also stop blaming the government for parents not letting their kids about because of fear of crime, when you’re the ones putting out scare stories every day of brutal attacks. This gets me on to another point that i will no doubt write about later, you can’t blame the government for your mistakes, take some responsibility.

The weather isn’t news.

The biggest news story of last year was the row over MP’s expenses. Before I write this I should just point out, I have nothing to do with any political party. This story was massively over played by the hypocritical media. Yes many MP’s did claim on expenses for various items, I think the figure just got released that it was 54% of all MP’s although again that may well be exaggerated by the media, but the point is, many of these claims were for things such as stationary and food and drink for the odd staff (the government is essentially a massive business) party. As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t claim for something like stationary on your expenses then what can you claim for. Yes many of the MP’s made a mistake, but as most of them kept within the law I doubt they even thought they were near to breaking it. They kept within the rules and did what anyone would have done. Until the news broke I doubt they even knew they were doing anything wrong, maybe they should have had the foresight to see what they were doing, but it is true what they say.

The job they do is hard one, and whichever choice they choose to take they will be criticised for making. Just lay off them a bit and then maybe, just maybe some change for good might start to occur in this country, as opposed to the government constantly having to stop working on real issues and pander to the needs of the media. Also, like celebrities, what they do in their private life is precisely that, private. Who cares if they’ve slept with a rent boy, or their husband watches porn. Who’s husband doesn’t watch porn.

I’m not saying that the reform of the expenses scandal wasn’t a good thing, it was. It needed to be done and I’m glad it happened, I would just like to see MP’s given space to concentrate on their real work, just for a bit.

Essentially what I’m saying is, we’re only on this planet for a short time so enjoy it. Every once in a while just stop and take stock of your situation and realise how lucky you are to be in this wonderful world, where you can make your own choices, live how you like, and just admire the beauty of what life is.