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Pressing The Election. May 3, 2010

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There is nothing like looking in a paper to see a reasonable, balanced, and well thought out idea of what is going on in this election…are the words I wish I could write. Alas we all know that’s not how it is. With The Sun, and other Murdoch run papers pledging their allegiance several months ago for the Tories, the Daily Mirror(I didn’t even realise that was still going) are behind Labour, and finally, just in the nick of time, the Guardian giving their support to the Liberal Democrats.

So, in the interest of fairness, I’m going greatly weight this post against The Sun, they are my main cause of annoyance each day as it’s the only paper that I see on a regular basis, what with this new fangled invention of the internet I have no need of actually buying a paper, me being the same as most other people in the world, and then in turn this being why the papers have to print smear stories because it makes dullards pick up their knuckles off the floor and pay 20p for it, to then just look at the pictures.

Anyway back on task.

I heard a while ago, although at first it didn’t really sink in what was said, that the right wing press were told by those up on high to ignore the Liberal Democrats, that is why in the past few years there has been next to no coverage on what the Liberal Democrats were doing, how they felt on issues, and what they would have done. Yet we were bombarded with Cameron, because that is all it is as we are not allowed to see the rest of his cabinet, telling us what he would have done, why he would be better, and how if he was in charge we would all live in this fairytale world, as if we have all forgotten what sort of party the Conservatives are. Behind the mask that is Cameron it is all the same people who were there before he was in charge. Just google Phillippa Stroud and read what they wont write into the main stream papers.

Following up the point of the press ignoring the liberal democrats, this meant that they were not ready for Nick Clegg to give the Liberal Democrats the biggest boost in quite a while with his appearances on the live TV debates. This meant they suddenly had to turn on their foot, stop attacking labour, and instead cobble together some smear stories against Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats which were all conveniently on the front page of four national newspapers on the same day. Only the next day, when all these stories had either been proved untrue or shown to be completely out of context it was not reported in these papers, and when the Conservatives admitted to releasing the stories to the relevant papers they decided not to release that information to their readers either.

That is why the internet has been so important during this election, it has meant that information like that does get around to people. For example during the second TV debate David Cameron kept attacking Gordon Brown about using scare tactics in their leaflets, and before the debate was over pictures went round of a Conservative leaflet which was just a picture of a machete dripping with blood and the phrase “Violent Crime Up Under Labour”.

The internet is a powerful tool and it is at times like this that it becomes essential to get truth out there and to show up hypocrisy. So ignore what the main stream press tells you and just google something and find out the truth for yourself.

Come back tomorrow(hopefully) for another election special, tomorrow I’m thinking the policies of the main three parties. This means I’m going to have to trawl through their manifestos, do you see what I do for you lovely readers.

One last thing. Remember this election is about lots of things but we can change things, so twitter, Facebook, Bebo, blog, MySpace, email, text, phone, write and do anything else you can to let them know what you want, and as the cliche goes, when you want it. NOW


General Election, More Like Genital Erection. May 2, 2010

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(If you don’t want to read about politics please see last paragraph as I need your help)

Yeah that’s right, I’m like a walking, talking Carry On… film.

So the race is on, well it has been for nearly a month now but we’re heading into the final week so I stand by that statement, the race is on. Originally it was basically a choice between Labour and the Conservatives but the debates blew that wide open and we are no longer in a(ready for the cliché) two-horse race. The Liberal Democrats came out looking like a breath of fresh air after the first debate, and although admittedly losing a bit of steam, still seem like they could pull something out of the bag at the last-minute and win the vital votes.

So, it’s time to play…Who wants to be our next prime-minister?

Will it be Gordon Brown, with the look of a brown bear balloon that’s slowly deflating, if it wasn’t for that smile there would just be nothing pleasant about him demeanour, but that’s not what we should be looking for in our PM.  It’s the voice we should want! Seriously, get a little portable radio and listen to him speak, he sent tingles down my spine with his smooth voice.

Or maybe it could be David Cameron, with his slick hear, slick forehead, and massively prosthetic looking chin. I’m not sure what’s happened to him during this campaign but he just seems to be getting weirder looking, and impossibly shiny. He even came out with a fake tan at one point which was mysteriously gone the next day. But as for his voice, well I’ve never felt my skin crawl that fast than when I first heard him speak.

But there is always the possibility that we could get the one, the only, Nick Clegg. After spending months in obscurity, which I’ll come onto later(If I don’t remind me), he shot up the polls after just one debate, maybe it was the polices, or maybe it was the nonchalant way he stood, hand in pocket, not a hair out-of-place, looking all handsome with his yellow tie, and confident smile, and just let the other two bicker between themselves before he set out his plans, which were generally well received.

Of course this election is about who looks and sounds the best, but about policies so later on this week before the election I shall get onto that subject. As well as the press coverage and, realising I only have 3 days and then it’s vote time, who and why I am voting for. Let’s see if you can guess before, I’m sure it’s not obvious already.

I do need your help though. This will be the first general election where I’ve been old enough to vote and to care so naturally I shall be staying up with channel four on the television and BBC on the laptop to watch the coverage, luckily having managed to get friday off from work. So what I need your help with is a little game I will be playing which I’m sure many others shall also be playing. I call it “Drink-a-long-a-Dimbleby”, simple rules, every time David Dimbleby says a certain word of phrase I take a drink, but I need help to think up what this word or phrase should be. I’ve had a few ideas but I feel if I go with constituencies I’ll be on the floor by midnight. So please send your suggestions this way and stay up with me on Twitter or Facebook for a night of political fun times.


I Enojoyed It March 14, 2010

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I’m sad to say yesterday I finally went and saw Avatar (in 3D of course) and, please don’t hate me when I tell you, I rather enjoyed it.

For the first 10 minutes of the film I pretty much sat there, not paying much attention to what was happening in the film, and just thinking “Ooh, doesn’t it look pretty”. But once I managed to keep my concentration on the actual film the plot sucked me in. And of course the pretty colours helped.

It was refreshing to see a film that a massive amount of work has obviously gone into, and an unspoilt vision has been able to get to the screen without being ripped apart my producers who don’t think the message will sit well with the general public. For once the makers of a film weren’t being condescending to their patrons, instead putting across a well thought out idea with messages in it. Those being destruction bad, environment good. Even the mention of Earth being a dead planet with no green hasn’t put people off.

Now I’m not going to be one of the many people who becomes obsessed with this film, as I did really like it but I didn’t love it beyond belief as many people seem to. All I’ll say is, if your not going to watch it because you don’t want to be sucked in, this being why it took so long for me to see it, then stop listening to yourself and go. See it in the cinema as opposed to on a television.

Saying that I am never going to watch the Twilight films!


Earlier this morning I saw an advert for The Daily Star, only this wasn’t aimed at its usual male readers, this for the half a million readers it said already bought they paper. Who are these women! I have never seen a woman even look at The Daily Star. Women are better than that. Maybe once you get past the tits, the stories are fascinating reads, but then so is Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

If you’re looking for more good reads then you should try written everyday by the wonderfully funny man Richard Herring, it is well worth a read.

Thanks for reading people.


Brilliant Programming From The BBC February 25, 2010

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Now I love the BBC, I don’t care what people say about it, it’s one of the best things about this country, and to me the licence fee is more than worth it. They constantly make brilliant, beautiful nature documentaries, wonderfully written and shot dramas, well thought out documentaries, often brilliant comedy, Hole in The Wall and Total Wipeout. Ok, the last two seem like they belong on ITV but they need something cheap to fill that gap on a saturday evening when people aren’t really watching.

The corporation has recently been criticised for the amount that it pays its biggest names, but they get the viewers and listeners so they are clearly worth it. Jonathan Ross, I don’t understand, to me he’s like watching a friends dad on a stag party, but hey, at least it’s not Paul Ross. Generally though, their top talent is exactly that, top talent. Graham Norton, although slightly more tame since his move to the BBC, Bruce Forsyth, even if he is a little racist but he’ll be dead soon so just let him imagine, Stephen Fry, David Dimbleby, Jeremy Paxman, and new signing Michael McIntyre.

These names are all huge names that the other television networks would happily pay copious amounts for, and why, because they draw the ratings. The other stations, especially ITV during their current money troubles, seem to be begging for a bit of the licence fee because that would help them get the viewers. No, what would help ITV get the viewers would be putting some money into half decent shows and not just pumping what money they do have into their constant flow of celebrity reality shows. Yes, these are huge shows, but they only give them one night a week or winning the ratings battle.

Anyway, back to the BBC. The expenses at the BBC also came into question recently, and one bit of this story bugged me. The papers were complaining about BBC stars being taken out to dinner to discuss future plans for them at the BBC, these included Jeremy Paxman and David Attenborough. Now I don’t want to be crude but I’m going to be. I would let them teabag me to go to dinner with them. Who cares if a couple of hundred pounds got spent on a slap up meal for them. These are people who are brilliant at what they do, especially Attenborough, who deserve to be living like kings. I would happily pay for them if it would stop the constant heckling of the Beeb.

The BBC is often a station that provides programmes that ask questions of the viewers as opposed to speaking down to them as if they know something we don’t. Question Time brilliantly highlights this by letting the viewer join in with the content of the programme whether your in the audience, via text or email, or most recently twitter. QT being followed by This Week, an odd programme to say the least. I like to think of it like a grown up One Show, with Diane Abbot as Adrian Chiles, and Michael Portillo as Christine Bleakely. As for Andrew Neil, well he’s Giles Brandreth. This presents a strange mix of politics, and stories that are personal to people, not so personal that we have to watch some middle Englander telling us about the time he stuck a carrot in his fence, but things that actually matter such as recently whether political correctness has gone to far, it hasn’t, there’s no such thing, it’s just called being polite.

Another problem when “the man on the street” is complaining about the BBC is that the only time they really get to do this is by phoning in to radio shows or current affairs shows which are mostly on, oh that’s right, the BBC . If you’re trying to make a stand against something I suggest you don’t use their service.

The point of this blog is just to say that the BBC is a quality service, yes like every other station they have some bad shows, but you can’t win every time or please everyone. If you don’t like it turn off and watch something else. If you don’t like anything the BBC does, well, then there’s no hope for you.


Forgive Me For Saying… February 23, 2010

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But I don’t care about Cheryl Cole’s relationship.

I’m sure for Mrs Cole/Miss Tweedy (whatever we’re meant to call her now) that she is going through a hard time at the moment, but it is part of her private life, which should be taken care of in private, and not manipulated by the tabloids to sell more newspapers. This is just yet another story in a stream of “celebrity” scandals to be front page news on the majority of the mainstream british papers. Beginning with Tiger Woods, then John  Terry, Vernon Kaye and finally Ashley Cole. It just makes me wonder who’s next? Has Des O’Connor been sending saucy morse code messages to Angela Lansbury, sending charcoal etchings of himself wearing just his long johns. The silver fox that he is.


Now I’m not saying ban all gossip, no, a bit of gossip is fine. Just don’t put it on the front page of a newspaper or in the middle of a news report as if it is a real issue that deserves other peoples thought. We haven’t got a right to know anything about them, we don’t like when people pry into our private lives, so why feel the right to look at someone else’s (who you’ve never met) and comment on the situation, but it’s not our fault that these stories are constantly being batted around.

Over the past 10 to 15 years since the internet has become more prominent, newspapers in particular have been having to fight for their readers. In this technological age people can get the news they want, when they want, for free and at the touch of a button. So the only way that newspapers are managing to keep up their sales is by breaking scandals, scare stories, or emotional stories.

Over the past few years the front page has mainly been taken up the majority of the time by things such as Mad Cow Disease, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, terrorist attacks, possible terrorist attacks, foiled terrorist attacks, the search for terrorists, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, paedophiles, rapists, child killers, the credit crunch, MP’s expenses, celebrity sex scandals, celebrity drug scandals, celebrity drink scandals, natural disasters, the snow, the floods, and the heatwaves. And who can forget the fuss made about the Russell Brand Jonathan Ross phone-call scandal.

Without these things being over hyped the papers just wouldn’t sell. Whenever there is a health scare the papers seem to try to tell you that your probably going to die or know someone who will. They only show the worst possible situations, they never tell you the best because no one would read a piece with the headline “10 PEOPLE MAY DIE”, yes a sad loss of life but no where near as impressive at 100,000. The likelihood is that the things that could affect you probably wont, life is boring and full of nothing important.

Yes, we know paedophiles exist, but they don’t exist on every street, in every town. Stop scaring parents into not letting their children go out without having a constant eye on them. Kids are meant to go out, get lost, get dirty and have fun. Also stop blaming the government for parents not letting their kids about because of fear of crime, when you’re the ones putting out scare stories every day of brutal attacks. This gets me on to another point that i will no doubt write about later, you can’t blame the government for your mistakes, take some responsibility.

The weather isn’t news.

The biggest news story of last year was the row over MP’s expenses. Before I write this I should just point out, I have nothing to do with any political party. This story was massively over played by the hypocritical media. Yes many MP’s did claim on expenses for various items, I think the figure just got released that it was 54% of all MP’s although again that may well be exaggerated by the media, but the point is, many of these claims were for things such as stationary and food and drink for the odd staff (the government is essentially a massive business) party. As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t claim for something like stationary on your expenses then what can you claim for. Yes many of the MP’s made a mistake, but as most of them kept within the law I doubt they even thought they were near to breaking it. They kept within the rules and did what anyone would have done. Until the news broke I doubt they even knew they were doing anything wrong, maybe they should have had the foresight to see what they were doing, but it is true what they say.

The job they do is hard one, and whichever choice they choose to take they will be criticised for making. Just lay off them a bit and then maybe, just maybe some change for good might start to occur in this country, as opposed to the government constantly having to stop working on real issues and pander to the needs of the media. Also, like celebrities, what they do in their private life is precisely that, private. Who cares if they’ve slept with a rent boy, or their husband watches porn. Who’s husband doesn’t watch porn.

I’m not saying that the reform of the expenses scandal wasn’t a good thing, it was. It needed to be done and I’m glad it happened, I would just like to see MP’s given space to concentrate on their real work, just for a bit.

Essentially what I’m saying is, we’re only on this planet for a short time so enjoy it. Every once in a while just stop and take stock of your situation and realise how lucky you are to be in this wonderful world, where you can make your own choices, live how you like, and just admire the beauty of what life is.