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I’m Backing The Liberal Democrats May 5, 2010

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That’s right, I know it’s a big surprise but it’s Liberal Democrats all the way, I even just got an email from Nick Clegg, I know it probably got sent to every one but it had my name at the top so it made me feel special.

Dear Terry,

This is my personal guarantee that I will use all the support you give me on Thursday to deliver fairness in Britain.

We need a fairer tax system. I will use your votes to cut taxes for those at the bottom and in the middle and close the loopholes for those at the top.

We need to support our children. I will use your votes to ensure extra funding for schools, to cut class sizes and give all children a fair chance.

We need to clean up politics. I will use your votes to reform Parliament, to deliver a fairer voting system, protect your freedoms and give you the right to sack corrupt MPs.

We need a new economy. I will use your vote to split up the banks, get them lending again, invest in green infrastructure and so create jobs.

This election campaign has shown us that millions of people want us to do something different this time.

Politicians should work together to solve the nation’s biggest problems. That is why, whatever the outcome on Thursday, I believe we should be prepared to work together to fix the terrible state of our public finances and ensure economic stability.

These are the key steps to a new, fairer Britain. Give me the power of your vote and we can make it happen.

Together, we can make the difference.

Best wishes,

Nick Clegg Signature

I’ve always been a liberal me, not in the sense of I’ve always supported the Liberal Democrats but in the sense that I’m a uber liberal person. I prefer to see the good in the majority of people and don’t like seeing people treated unfairly. I believe the richer members of society should support the poorer members. I believe there needs to be electoral reform so that everyone’s vote counts. I believe there needs to be a complete overhaul of the financial system and that it needs to be changed and not fixed.I believe everyone is equal. I believe the press should not be involved in the government at all.

On all of these points the Liberal Democrats agree.


I also got an email from my current local MP today, he really doesn’t want my vote.

Final Election Statement By

Bob Spink:

“If elected, I will not keep Brown in Power.

Unlike the big parties, I’ve kept all my promises.

I’m right wing of Cameron on immigration, the EU,

school discipline, crime & punishment.

Political Parties don’t always tell the truth or keep promises, so why vote for them?”

So vote for Bob your tried and tested safe option.

Official audits show our MP Bob is the most hard-working, cost-effective of all MPs.   Don’t reward his decency and hard work by dumping him for an unknown.

If you think the big parties always tell the truth, reward them with your vote.

If not, vote Bob to get rid of Brown and make them listen to you

We need our experienced, campaigning MP, Bob

(not someone controlled by the party which voted for 5000 houses a few weeks ago)

to fight for our green belt at the Public Inquiry on 22nd June 2010.


Castle Point is a two-horse race.

Conservatives will form the next Government and

you can keep your good, hard-working, local, loyal MP.

Don’t waste your vote.   Vote Bob

Don’t be fooled again by political spin.

It has been a wonderful time working for you; sincere thanks, however you vote.”   Bob

Well he’s now lost the vote from me that he never had.

So this has been election week, I’ll see you on the other side. Tonight we rest, but tomorrow WE FIGHT!!



Stupid Parties Part 2 April 26, 2010

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Welcome back kids, today I wrote an email to Ukip, that loving party, and without further ado here it is.

After reading your manifesto there are several points which have caught my eye and that I have not been to sure whether they are even viable and some which seem a bit ignorant.
“Save up to £120bn a year by leaving the EU. No British jobs or trade will be lost” I feel people seem to forget that we are part of Europe, just because we are not on the mainland and seems to have an over hyped sense of self worth about our country. We need the EU otherwise we will just become the insignificant little country that we are.
“End abuse of the UK asylum system and expel Islamic extremists” You mention Islamic extremists there, what about Catholic extremists, Jewish extremists, Christian and any other religion you care to think of. You cannot just target one certain religion. There have been many times that I walk down my local high street to hear Christian preachers yelling to tell me that gay people are wrong and any one that’s not christian is wrong, but I know free speech works both ways they have their right to say what they want and I have the right to reply, not to just say they have no right to be here, that’s what living in a free society means.
“Introduce a ‘Three Strikes and You’re Out’ law to lock up career criminals for good” This has been used in America now for a number of years and it clearly doesn’t work. Essentially people could be put away for life for frivolous crimes. It’s not about locking people up it’s about finding the route of why people do what they do and fixing that.
“Keep Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent strong” Keep it for what reason exactly? Yes other countries who previously have not had nuclear weapons are developing them, but this country cannot complain about others having these weapons while being in possession them.
“Oppose wind farms in general and require them to be funded by the market” I do not understand the offence people take with wind farms, we need to start using these types of resources other than those that will eventually run out. Now is the time to be investing in wind farms, solar panels, tidal energy and other types like this.
“End support for multiculturalism and promote one shared British culture for all” The world today is a multicultural one, with technology bringing everyone closer together, and this is a good thing. How can we expect to move on as a race, and I mean the whole human race as a whole, if we all stay in our own separate cultures.
“Scrap political correctness in public affairs” Political correctness always annoys me, mainly because it doesn’t exist. It’s call politeness and when did this become a bad thing.

Thank you for reading this email and it would be nice to get a reply explaining more on some of these parts of your manifesto.

Remember you can join in with this, just go onto their websites, have a quick read through their manifestos, believe me their manifestos aren’t that long, and then send off an email. As yet I have had no reply from the English democrats

There’s still time to enter yesterdays competition and win that mystery prize, I’m gonna make it a good prize. So far I’ve had one entry and that was my brother. Simply give me a strange disease and my favourite will be the title for saturday nights blog. Cheers for stopping by.


Stupid Parties Part 1 April 24, 2010

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I think for the next week or so I may write some angry emails to the hate peddling political parties that are so intent on destroying this country.

Today I read the English Democrats sorry excuse of a website and it got me a little bit angry so this is the email I wrote. Please join me in just being mildly annoying to these hateful fringe parties.

I have several questions but I’ll keep this short.
You say “our heritage is the bedrock of the future of England”, looking back is not how you move forward, if people constantly looked backwards we wouldn’t be living in the technological world we are now. The English people I mostly meet who do look back seem to feel that we won the two world wars, WE didn’t our ancestors did, and they won them to keep this a free country.
You say “the rich heritage of our christian faith” this is not a christian country any more this is a secular country. Look in all the churches and you will see them mostly empty, people are christian by name but nothing else.
You say “And to qualify for being English is simple, you value and appreciate the English community and want to contribute to it” what about all the, what I can only describe as Jeremy Kyle style guests in this country, are they not english, are the, admittedly not as many as the press makes out, young kids causing trouble not English?
Finally you say “rejecting secular attempts to place same sex partners into the context of either” it’s 2010, there is nothing wrong with same sex relationships and they should be allowed the same rights as different sex relationships because they are the same. They are two people, in love.
Your party, and others like you are the real hate preachers, you push lies about minorities without realising that in actual fact you are the minority. Most people of England are good honest people, be they from this country or not, yet day in and day out they have hate pushed down their throat from you and the british press.
They are willing to help out their fellow man and would happily see the hate pushers gone.
If you hate the way this country is going then why don’t you leave instead, believe me we’d be much better off without that the bile that spews out from party.
There are many brilliant things about this country such as queuing, complaining, the pint, our constant failures as a country but inherent optimism that it will be ok and tea.
But most of all this country is known for its tolerance which is the best thing of all and I love it.

Thanks for coming back, it makes me feel good when I see the line graph go up more than usual.