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Plan For The Week April 4, 2010

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This week, along with all my normal ramblings that I know you all love so much, I’m going to be doing four reviews, hopefully if I can keep my mind on task these will be in-depth, well researched reviews, not like the Daily Mails(snigger snigger snigger).

Sorry, what’s that? Oh you want to know what I’m going to review, well get yourself a cup of tea, settle down with a blanket, and put your reading glasses on because I’m going to tell you in the next sentence. I shall be discussing(I feel that’s a better word for what I will no doubt write) the new film Kick Ass, the new Doctor Who, the new Jonathan Creek, and the been in the theatre for a month now Ghost Stories. I’ve seen each of these over the weekend and felt you all deserved the right to delve into my awkward mind.

Over this week, more than likely over the next four days, I am going to be posting up my musings about each of these subjects, and hopefully they’ll make some of you want to go and see Kick Ass and Ghost Stories, and if you haven’t seen the latter two, watch them on the BBC Iplayer.

This is just a short post for the day as I didn’t get to post yesterday, or the day before I think, but I’m looking forward to a good week of blogging, even though I’m back at work on Tuesday and have no more time off till August.

Thanks for reading.


Days Off March 27, 2010

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Since my last post I’ve had a couple of days off from doing anything that means I will have to use my brain, and again tonight, I shall be doing the same, but for now I best felt an update on what’s been hip hop and happening (I’m still down with the kids) was in order.

Soooo Thursday morning I woke up thinking “Cor blimey I can breathe” thinking I should get into charachter before I left for that there London. Yes, my cold, although still kind of there, had mostly gone, leaving me able to breathe through my nose, and to not need a warm drink every half hour. Sitting on the train, I risked it and listened to The Collings and Herrin podcast, just hoping I wouldn’t laugh out loud, luckily, I managed a few chuckles but nothing to loud and obvious. 

After meeting my friend we decided to head to the studios so we knew where we had to be, unfortunately, as we crossed one of the many bridges over the Thames, the sky opened and we got drenched, but did find a bar full of men in suits to have a pint in till the rain stopped.

Seeing The Bubble studio, it kind of spoilt the view, especially when you can see right round the edge to the back of the studio, obviously I know it’s not filmed in a small room like it looks, but I can dream. There’s nothing like having that homely feeling when you’re watching a television show.

Nonetheless, it was a hilarious couple of hours, which got massively cut for good reason I’m sure, as there were several points that probably would have cause some narrow-minded person (was gonna use the C word there, but I’m trying to use it less) to complain.

Robert Webb was hilarious and it was great to see him and David Mitchell playing off each other. Miranda Hart, as always, was brilliant, and just made me love her more. Shappi Khorsandi, was funny, although seemed a little quieter than the other two.

So that was thursday, as for yesterday, well that’s simple to write about.

Good curry, good cider, good company, and a good comedy DVD(Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra).

Tonight I have a night down the pub planned, so there is a high chance I will get in drunk later and either make a post or be massively annoying in the Late Night Club on the forum.

I’m hoping this coming week to actually get on with what I had planned and actually get some work done, I just have to stop procrastinating like this.

Thanks, byeeee.


Sickness March 24, 2010

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Everytime I get near to time off work I get ill, my body hates me.

Waking up yesterday morning I had that feeling of there being something stuck between my nose and throat, hoping it was just a tickly cough I ignored it and trundled off to work. Coming home 8 hours later my throat was killing me, I had no energy, and I have no idea how I’ve produced the amount of mucus which has been streaming out of my nose since last night. Yum!

But alas, I must ignore this tomorrow for I have tickets to see the filming of The Bubble so you may hear me coughing on fridays episode. In the bubble this week there are the very funny Shappi Khorsandi, Robert Webb and, my favourite, Miranda Hart. I honestly cannot wait for this, plus my friend is coming down to see it with me and I haven’t seen him in ages.

So yes, I am now on “holiday”, nearly two weeks to myself, and during this time I’m going to be doing some real work that I actually enjoy. These next two weeks I want to begin the first draught of my show, this means I have about 5 books that I need to complete, I need to send off many, many emails to people in the know about my chosen subject.

This calls for a list!

  • Go to the Bubble
  • Read/skim the books from the library for relevant information
  • Search for relevant experts
  • Email relevant experts
  • Wait for replies from relevant experts
  • Start, if not finish, first draught of show


Almost forgot, in just under two weeks I’ll be going to see Ghost Stories at the Lyric Theatre, honestly can’t wait for this, I just hopes it’s as good as people are saying.

*cough cough sneeze