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Late Night BBC3 March 31, 2010

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Now I am a huge fan of the BBC in all it’s shapes and form, the majority of the it’s output seeming to hit its mark with the people who it’s aimed at, but after watching BBC3 for an hour tonight I cannot see who two of their programmes are aimed at.

First of all

Laughtershock, and this is the TV guide synopsis, 14 hot new stand ups, featuring live comedy mixed with pre-filmed sketches performed by the cast and screened at the gig.

I sat through this thinking I’m sure it will get better soon, well it didn’t. It raised one smile out of me, this was Joe Lycett, who a lovely person on twitter sent me a YouTube video of, and after watching I have since discovered he is very funny. As for the rest, well I have never been so bored in my life.

If this is really what the next troupe of comedians is going to be then I seriously worry for the next 5 years of comedy. There are plenty of comedians who have worked very hard for several years and deserve their own television series to reach a wider audience. Robin Ince, Richard Herring, Lucy Ported, Andrew Maxwell, and many, many more.

New comedy should be nurtured and allowed to grown, not shoved straight into a series, seemingly not having been seen by anyone before they put it on air. If you look at some of the biggest comedies of recent years you see the trend of lots of live shows, and radio series’ before moving onto a television series. The Mighty Boosh did many live shows before finally gaining a radio series which then moved on to a highly succesful BBC3 series. Little Britain was created by David Walliams and Matt Lucas, these two having made their names writing for other, as well as their own low-budget television and radio series’, before moving onto BBC3 in their highly succesful show, which then managed to make the move to BBC1.

New comedy does deserve to be seen, but not by the mass audience but by the few. The only way you can learn if things work is by showing it to the few, and gaining the skills to take it to the many. Maybe these people could be good, but don’t shove them in the limelight to gain these skills, let them grow on their own and see what does and doesn’t work.

And secondly


Now I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s abused this programme, but I feel I have to.

Snog, Marry, Avoid? (BBC3) Now the premise of the show is a good one, showing people that beauty is only skin deep and all that stuff that we here on Gok Wan, but obviously this is aimed at younger audiences so it’s more orange.

I’d like to say that there aren’t many people like those who take part in this programme, but ashamedly we all know people like this. That doesn’t mean these people need a programme of their own to make them feel even more as if they are the better ones than us pale people. I want to see a programme about average people, being told they look nice, with no mention of vacuous people putting inches of makeup on and pruning  themselves for hours in the mirror.

We’re all beautiful people, especially if you read this blog,  and it’s just a case of natural selection when these people die out and we carry on and take this world into the smart and interesting world it should be. Soon my friends, all we will watch will be programmes like Wonders of The Solar System, and then we shall be happy!

Thank you, and goodnight.


I’ll Cook A Roast If I Want To March 29, 2010

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As I write this it is just under an hour until my 22nd birthday. “What are you going to do?” I hear you ask. Ask it, I can wait…………..that’s better. Well I’m going to go shopping and cook a roast.

That’s right, in the words of the song “It’s my birthday and I’ll cook a roast if I want to”.

Tomorrow morning I shall get up and take a wander down to Tesco, and by wander I mean get the bus, to find myself some new jeans and t shirts(I appear to running seriously low, although it may be because I’ve put weight on), and then take a stoll around the bleak, strip lighted warehouse that is Tesco.

What type of meat I’m going to have I don’t know, I roast fresh potatoes, ignoring Aunt Bessies shit interpretation of cooking,  and will also attempt my own yorkshire puddings for the first time, although I’m a little worried that they will come out badly, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

I don’t want you to think I’m going to have a crap birthday, I will honestly enjoy doing this. For example on valentines day I made myself a lovely meal, I told myself how much I love me, made sweet sweet love to myself, then sat with myself watching the sun rise. Plus on Saturday I’m having a day out in London with a friend watching Jeremy Dyson’s Ghost Stories at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, and spending the beginning of the day more than likely going to random museums. Personally I’m hoping to find a button museum.

Right now I’m watching Charlie Brookers Newswipe for the fourth time, it’s the compilation episode and right now it’s showing how news reports are made, possibly one of the greatest few minutes of television experience ever.

Thanks for reading this quite short post, and enjoy your day, I will!


Productive Late Nights

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I’m one of those unfortunate people who come alive at night, as I write this it’s 2:17 in the morning, if I wasn’t writing this I would just be lying in the dark thinking “hmm I should be asleep right now” for several more hours. The plight of insomnia has been with me for years but I work round, I function pretty darn well on 2 hours sleep. Ok, for the first hour of so I’m dead to the world, but as long as I don’t walk out into any roads I’m generally safe for this time, and then I wake up.

The annoying thing about this affliction is that point when you wake after a few captured hours of sleep and think to your self “you know what, I’m going to get in from work today and go to bed early because I’m sure to be tired” and then when you get in your brain goes hey, no need to go to sleep, you could watch the Top Ten Cops doing the Funniest Celebrity Soap Endings, or some other crap like The Bill. Oh still to soon, no I’m sure the one person that watches it doesn’t read my blog, they’re probably out there now writing some fan fiction about Sun Hill.

In less than 12 hours I will be sitting down at a children’s production of the Pirates Of Penzance. I feel I should point out that my younger brother is in the production, I’m not just going to watch children ruin a musical for kicks, no, I’m not that kind of guy.

Now I haven’t seen a live production in some time, mainly as I stay away from anything Andrew Lloyd Webber does. I’m not saying there is anything dodgy about him, I’m just pointing out there’s Oliver!(that’s right Oliver! not Oliver, just make sure that you yell it down the phone if you book tickets)with all them children, The Sound Of Music with the Vontrapp Children, and who do we think are going to play the munchkins in his latest venture The Wizard Of Oz. That’s all I’m saying, I’m not gonna make the link for you, mainly because it could be libellous so I won’t say it.

All I will say is it’s his fault that we are going to get nowhere in this years Eurovision. Honestly, he should have chosen the next songwriter to take it on, that should have been written into the deal. So what I’m trying to say is PETE WATERMAN HAS FUCKED US!

I’m sure some of you watched the Choice For Britain, or whatever idiotic name they gave the sham, it was awful. Every contestant, be they solo or in a group, would not even be adequate enough to get work doing cabaret at a holiday camp. It was as if they hadn’t even been through any form of audition process before they went live on BBC1 primetime.

Worst of all was the lies coming from the judges, with all the same lines of “you made that your own” and other such crap. Were these three deaf! Could they not hear what the rest of the country was hearing and vehemently tweeting about every act being just as the next one.

Then came the song!  Now I was just going to write about how bad a song it is and the fact that it sounds like a flat version of the 80’s hit Kids In America, but then I thought, hey, why not look at the lyrics

How do I begin to imagine all the happy faces I’d like to see?
The final destination, the sounds of celebration
If I could find the opportunity

I’m not even going to try had to read into these lyrics, I’m just going to flat-out abuse them.

You want to see happy faces and sounds of celebration, well then walk up to Pete Waterman, go to give a hug, and then kick him in the groin. He may be a pensioner but he needs some payback for Musical Youth, Nik Kershaw, Steps, Jason Donavan, Rick Astley, Sonia, and anyone that won, or got any form of career through Pop Idol.

So i wonder, who can I turn to?
Who can make these wishes and dreams come true?
And with you there beside me, loving hands to guide me
Anything is possible to do

Now I’m sure he wrote this with another older gentlemen, which gives this verse a kind of dirty feeling that just makes you want to scrub yourself bleach until the pain goes away.

I can feel it coming together
All the love been working so very well
There’s nothing left to do now, gonna see it through now
Don’t wait and let the future write itself

Oh god make it stop, I don’t want to think about Pete Waterman coming, let alone him and someone else, coiled around each other in naked ecstasy, both expelling their music destroying love juices, with their sucking lemons face on.

Baby, if you bring the sunshine, I’ll bring the good times
Just add your laughter, it’s happy-ever-after
I don’t know about you but that sounds good to me

Right I’ve just been sick in my mouth, and now reading the rest of the song through it gives a whole new meaning to the first verse. Obviously Waterman and friend want to make love in front of Europe so they can see, what they think will be, their smiling  and cheering faces.


(I think I’ve found it)


Late Night, Early Morning March 28, 2010

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I’ve been thinking about where I belong in the grand scale of thing, what group I belong in I guess, and personally, I feel it’s a small group but I like it.

My group are the one’s who constantly want to learn more, are never satisfied with just one answer, yet realise the insignificance of life, so every once in a while can stand back and just appreciate the beauty around us. For the fleeting time that we are here on this wonderful, magical place, why do we spend our time rushing around, from place to place, with the majority of us spending a large amount of time doing something that we don’t enjoy. I look around at some of my friends, and the people I work with on a daily basis, and wonder whether they think like me, wondering why they are here, out of the millions of sperm why did we get to the egg?

What about all of the other lives that didn’t make it, what would they have done with their fleeting time on this earth? Is it worth spending your life, slaving away at a job you don’t enjoy, when there is so much to experience in the world. The only reason we do this is because of money. Often described as the root of all evil, because it is.

Many say that if we didn’t work for money then we wouldn’t work at all, I don’t believe that. If you look at the worlds problems it’s about money, or things can’t be changed due to lack of money. We all have enough stuff, and any problems that need to be solved, could be solved by people just coming together for once and working through it. For once I would love to see people take their headphones out, turn their computers and phones off, turn away from their tv, put their books down, and actually just look at each other and the world around them, and realise how pointless all the arguing and fighting is.

At the end of the day nothing really matters. If there is a god, which I personally don’t believe there is, then I’m sure they aren’t looking down on all of us, watching every little thing we do, just waiting for us to step out of line with their rules. And even if that is the case, what right do they have to decide on the rules for us to live, if it cared that much it would intervene, in an obvious way, as opposed to “being mystic”.

I’m all for free speech and think every religion, however stupid, should be able to teach their followers whatever they want, just don’t push it on us. Don’t complain because a film gets made, or a book gets published, or a theatre production is held. We don’t picket outside your churches, mosques, synagogues, and other religious buildings because we disagree with what you do, we don’t tell you what you can and can’t have in your books, so don’t tell us what we can and can’t see, hear or read. And never try to take the moral high ground considering the atrocities committed in your name.

Life is short, so go out there and enjoy, remember that you don’t have to follow anyones rules but your own, and most of all create. Create anything.


Days Off March 27, 2010

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Since my last post I’ve had a couple of days off from doing anything that means I will have to use my brain, and again tonight, I shall be doing the same, but for now I best felt an update on what’s been hip hop and happening (I’m still down with the kids) was in order.

Soooo Thursday morning I woke up thinking “Cor blimey I can breathe” thinking I should get into charachter before I left for that there London. Yes, my cold, although still kind of there, had mostly gone, leaving me able to breathe through my nose, and to not need a warm drink every half hour. Sitting on the train, I risked it and listened to The Collings and Herrin podcast, just hoping I wouldn’t laugh out loud, luckily, I managed a few chuckles but nothing to loud and obvious. 

After meeting my friend we decided to head to the studios so we knew where we had to be, unfortunately, as we crossed one of the many bridges over the Thames, the sky opened and we got drenched, but did find a bar full of men in suits to have a pint in till the rain stopped.

Seeing The Bubble studio, it kind of spoilt the view, especially when you can see right round the edge to the back of the studio, obviously I know it’s not filmed in a small room like it looks, but I can dream. There’s nothing like having that homely feeling when you’re watching a television show.

Nonetheless, it was a hilarious couple of hours, which got massively cut for good reason I’m sure, as there were several points that probably would have cause some narrow-minded person (was gonna use the C word there, but I’m trying to use it less) to complain.

Robert Webb was hilarious and it was great to see him and David Mitchell playing off each other. Miranda Hart, as always, was brilliant, and just made me love her more. Shappi Khorsandi, was funny, although seemed a little quieter than the other two.

So that was thursday, as for yesterday, well that’s simple to write about.

Good curry, good cider, good company, and a good comedy DVD(Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra).

Tonight I have a night down the pub planned, so there is a high chance I will get in drunk later and either make a post or be massively annoying in the Late Night Club on the forum.

I’m hoping this coming week to actually get on with what I had planned and actually get some work done, I just have to stop procrastinating like this.

Thanks, byeeee.


Sickness March 24, 2010

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Everytime I get near to time off work I get ill, my body hates me.

Waking up yesterday morning I had that feeling of there being something stuck between my nose and throat, hoping it was just a tickly cough I ignored it and trundled off to work. Coming home 8 hours later my throat was killing me, I had no energy, and I have no idea how I’ve produced the amount of mucus which has been streaming out of my nose since last night. Yum!

But alas, I must ignore this tomorrow for I have tickets to see the filming of The Bubble so you may hear me coughing on fridays episode. In the bubble this week there are the very funny Shappi Khorsandi, Robert Webb and, my favourite, Miranda Hart. I honestly cannot wait for this, plus my friend is coming down to see it with me and I haven’t seen him in ages.

So yes, I am now on “holiday”, nearly two weeks to myself, and during this time I’m going to be doing some real work that I actually enjoy. These next two weeks I want to begin the first draught of my show, this means I have about 5 books that I need to complete, I need to send off many, many emails to people in the know about my chosen subject.

This calls for a list!

  • Go to the Bubble
  • Read/skim the books from the library for relevant information
  • Search for relevant experts
  • Email relevant experts
  • Wait for replies from relevant experts
  • Start, if not finish, first draught of show


Almost forgot, in just under two weeks I’ll be going to see Ghost Stories at the Lyric Theatre, honestly can’t wait for this, I just hopes it’s as good as people are saying.

*cough cough sneeze

The Return Email March 22, 2010

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Getting back from work today I quickly opened my email to find a message from a friendly sounding woman, with the subject Comedy Druids 🙂, which I felt was just a wonderful subject. Although looking back at this, if I didn’t know what the email actually says that does seem a little bit sarcastic in a kind of, “Oh so you think we’re just here to be laughed at do you” kind of way.

Luckily though it wasn’t and this is what she wrote,

Dear Terry
Emma forwarded your mail to me.
I’m going to try and contact one of the musicians and performers that I know and see if he will contact you.
If for any reason he doesn’t contact you. Come back to me and I’ll see if I can find something else for you.
Marianne Westwood
Office Manager

When I first read this through I got a bit confused as to why she felt that a musician or performer would help me more, but thinking about it now, and with a little help from a few cans of cider, I feel that they probably would have a better understanding, and be able to help me more in presenting the information in a better way that I would, although I’ll make sure that whatever I am told will be completely reworded by me.

Only a short post today but I felt I should keep you wonderful people updated.

Also while your here why not check out the songs Radar Detector by the Darwin Deez, and Photoshop Handsome by Everything Everything. I can’t get enough of these tunes at the moment.

Thanks for reading!