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Apologies February 27, 2010

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Looking back at what I have written in this blog so far, there haven’t been many posts but it’s still early day, I’ve come to realise how angry and bitter a person I sound. I don’t like the fact I come across this way as it doesn’t feel like anger when it’s being written. To me it’s passion. I get passionate about the smallest of things, but this is one of the things I like about myself.

Many people sit on the fence throughout their life but I cant do this. Without getting involved in issues and trying to make a change I don’t see a point to life. We are only here for a fleeting time, in the grand scale of things it’s barely a second, so while we are all here why not fight to make the world a fairer place.

There are many things in this world that deserve support and help to do this, I don’t know the ins and out of these causes I just know the basics, so you know what I’m just going to list a few and have done with it.

Donate some money to them or offer to volunteer, just help in any way you can and feel that little warm glow inside you. -Reform of the libel laws in the UK, brilliant minds are being targeted for speaking their minds, the website explains more. All you have to do is sign the petition, and if the 40 people that have seen this blog already tell another 40 people each that’ll be well on the way to another 2000 signatures towards the campaign. -Everyone knows the charity but they seem to forget they still need help. Their goal is a simple one, equality. -And don’t forget about their shops. There’s nothing wrong with buying second hand clothes and it good for the environment, so go in, look around, and buy something. -There’s nothing wrong with caring about the environment, at the end of the day if you don’t believe in global warming (other than suggesting you do some research) there’s nothing wrong with just making the world a nicer place to live. And as it is happening it’s best to try and slow it down as best we can in case it’s to late.

Now I dont want to end this on a down note so here’s a little joke. David Cameron’s policies, great aren’t they! Oh they classics are the best.

Now hopefully I’ll be able to write about more light hearted things. Now go speak to strangers.


I Don’t Understand Racism February 25, 2010

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I know that everyone has different views and everyone has a right to air these views and I’m fine with that, but if you can’t be knowledgeable about your own thoughts then you really need to go back to school.

I abhor racism at every level, from the base im white your black so that makes me better, right up to I’m English therefore I don’t like the French. None of their arguments make sense, or have any educational basis. You can’t hate a country because nearly 100 years ago some of your ancestors, who you’ve more than likely never met, thought in a war to “help” them. Although we all know that “we” saved in two world wars. Did WE, did WE! I don’t remember this, what happened, have I got amnesia, did I forget an entire war we fought in. You didn’t do anything, you sat there reading your copy of The Sun, chuckling along to another comment on society from Jon Gaunt or Kelvin Mackenzie, who’s columns are strewn with phrase “I’m not being racist but”.

If you confront a racist they will often try to fight for their right to free speech, well free speech works two ways, try listening to the people your degrading, you’ll realise their exactly the same as you, if not better.

For the moment there is two main targets for offence being spewing out of their mouths, Eastern-Europeans and Muslims. Well for a start Muslims are not a race, they’re a  religion, and only the tiniest minority of Muslims are terrorists, and unless I’m mistaken there is a small minority of all religious people of other faiths who also kill, or suppress other others. When pointing this out they will often come back with the fact that they oppress women, well take a look at the Christians, and I’m pretty sure that if you put their two track records side by side the Christians are going to come off much worse.

Onto Eastern-Europeans, most of their points come from the stance of coming over here, taking our jobs, most of these jobs are unskilled manual jobs, if you lose your job to someone who has just come to this country and has a limited grasp of the language then there’s something wrong with you, not them. Try working a bit harder, having less tea breaks, smoke breaks and chats.

I’m not basing my argument from the outside looking in, but from the inside wishing I could get out. At this time I work in a warehouse full of these types of people, we have one Polish worker yet they still persist in complaining about the amount of immigrant over here. We should be proud as a nation that people want to come over here and join our system, the fact is a larger proportion of these immigrants pay tax just like British workers.

I recently saw a comment on a news website of an individual saying without immigrants people wouldn’t have dies on 7/7. Yes that is true, because if there had never been immigrants in this country we would never have got to this point.


Brilliant Programming From The BBC

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Now I love the BBC, I don’t care what people say about it, it’s one of the best things about this country, and to me the licence fee is more than worth it. They constantly make brilliant, beautiful nature documentaries, wonderfully written and shot dramas, well thought out documentaries, often brilliant comedy, Hole in The Wall and Total Wipeout. Ok, the last two seem like they belong on ITV but they need something cheap to fill that gap on a saturday evening when people aren’t really watching.

The corporation has recently been criticised for the amount that it pays its biggest names, but they get the viewers and listeners so they are clearly worth it. Jonathan Ross, I don’t understand, to me he’s like watching a friends dad on a stag party, but hey, at least it’s not Paul Ross. Generally though, their top talent is exactly that, top talent. Graham Norton, although slightly more tame since his move to the BBC, Bruce Forsyth, even if he is a little racist but he’ll be dead soon so just let him imagine, Stephen Fry, David Dimbleby, Jeremy Paxman, and new signing Michael McIntyre.

These names are all huge names that the other television networks would happily pay copious amounts for, and why, because they draw the ratings. The other stations, especially ITV during their current money troubles, seem to be begging for a bit of the licence fee because that would help them get the viewers. No, what would help ITV get the viewers would be putting some money into half decent shows and not just pumping what money they do have into their constant flow of celebrity reality shows. Yes, these are huge shows, but they only give them one night a week or winning the ratings battle.

Anyway, back to the BBC. The expenses at the BBC also came into question recently, and one bit of this story bugged me. The papers were complaining about BBC stars being taken out to dinner to discuss future plans for them at the BBC, these included Jeremy Paxman and David Attenborough. Now I don’t want to be crude but I’m going to be. I would let them teabag me to go to dinner with them. Who cares if a couple of hundred pounds got spent on a slap up meal for them. These are people who are brilliant at what they do, especially Attenborough, who deserve to be living like kings. I would happily pay for them if it would stop the constant heckling of the Beeb.

The BBC is often a station that provides programmes that ask questions of the viewers as opposed to speaking down to them as if they know something we don’t. Question Time brilliantly highlights this by letting the viewer join in with the content of the programme whether your in the audience, via text or email, or most recently twitter. QT being followed by This Week, an odd programme to say the least. I like to think of it like a grown up One Show, with Diane Abbot as Adrian Chiles, and Michael Portillo as Christine Bleakely. As for Andrew Neil, well he’s Giles Brandreth. This presents a strange mix of politics, and stories that are personal to people, not so personal that we have to watch some middle Englander telling us about the time he stuck a carrot in his fence, but things that actually matter such as recently whether political correctness has gone to far, it hasn’t, there’s no such thing, it’s just called being polite.

Another problem when “the man on the street” is complaining about the BBC is that the only time they really get to do this is by phoning in to radio shows or current affairs shows which are mostly on, oh that’s right, the BBC . If you’re trying to make a stand against something I suggest you don’t use their service.

The point of this blog is just to say that the BBC is a quality service, yes like every other station they have some bad shows, but you can’t win every time or please everyone. If you don’t like it turn off and watch something else. If you don’t like anything the BBC does, well, then there’s no hope for you.


Forgive Me For Saying… February 23, 2010

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But I don’t care about Cheryl Cole’s relationship.

I’m sure for Mrs Cole/Miss Tweedy (whatever we’re meant to call her now) that she is going through a hard time at the moment, but it is part of her private life, which should be taken care of in private, and not manipulated by the tabloids to sell more newspapers. This is just yet another story in a stream of “celebrity” scandals to be front page news on the majority of the mainstream british papers. Beginning with Tiger Woods, then John  Terry, Vernon Kaye and finally Ashley Cole. It just makes me wonder who’s next? Has Des O’Connor been sending saucy morse code messages to Angela Lansbury, sending charcoal etchings of himself wearing just his long johns. The silver fox that he is.


Now I’m not saying ban all gossip, no, a bit of gossip is fine. Just don’t put it on the front page of a newspaper or in the middle of a news report as if it is a real issue that deserves other peoples thought. We haven’t got a right to know anything about them, we don’t like when people pry into our private lives, so why feel the right to look at someone else’s (who you’ve never met) and comment on the situation, but it’s not our fault that these stories are constantly being batted around.

Over the past 10 to 15 years since the internet has become more prominent, newspapers in particular have been having to fight for their readers. In this technological age people can get the news they want, when they want, for free and at the touch of a button. So the only way that newspapers are managing to keep up their sales is by breaking scandals, scare stories, or emotional stories.

Over the past few years the front page has mainly been taken up the majority of the time by things such as Mad Cow Disease, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, terrorist attacks, possible terrorist attacks, foiled terrorist attacks, the search for terrorists, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, paedophiles, rapists, child killers, the credit crunch, MP’s expenses, celebrity sex scandals, celebrity drug scandals, celebrity drink scandals, natural disasters, the snow, the floods, and the heatwaves. And who can forget the fuss made about the Russell Brand Jonathan Ross phone-call scandal.

Without these things being over hyped the papers just wouldn’t sell. Whenever there is a health scare the papers seem to try to tell you that your probably going to die or know someone who will. They only show the worst possible situations, they never tell you the best because no one would read a piece with the headline “10 PEOPLE MAY DIE”, yes a sad loss of life but no where near as impressive at 100,000. The likelihood is that the things that could affect you probably wont, life is boring and full of nothing important.

Yes, we know paedophiles exist, but they don’t exist on every street, in every town. Stop scaring parents into not letting their children go out without having a constant eye on them. Kids are meant to go out, get lost, get dirty and have fun. Also stop blaming the government for parents not letting their kids about because of fear of crime, when you’re the ones putting out scare stories every day of brutal attacks. This gets me on to another point that i will no doubt write about later, you can’t blame the government for your mistakes, take some responsibility.

The weather isn’t news.

The biggest news story of last year was the row over MP’s expenses. Before I write this I should just point out, I have nothing to do with any political party. This story was massively over played by the hypocritical media. Yes many MP’s did claim on expenses for various items, I think the figure just got released that it was 54% of all MP’s although again that may well be exaggerated by the media, but the point is, many of these claims were for things such as stationary and food and drink for the odd staff (the government is essentially a massive business) party. As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t claim for something like stationary on your expenses then what can you claim for. Yes many of the MP’s made a mistake, but as most of them kept within the law I doubt they even thought they were near to breaking it. They kept within the rules and did what anyone would have done. Until the news broke I doubt they even knew they were doing anything wrong, maybe they should have had the foresight to see what they were doing, but it is true what they say.

The job they do is hard one, and whichever choice they choose to take they will be criticised for making. Just lay off them a bit and then maybe, just maybe some change for good might start to occur in this country, as opposed to the government constantly having to stop working on real issues and pander to the needs of the media. Also, like celebrities, what they do in their private life is precisely that, private. Who cares if they’ve slept with a rent boy, or their husband watches porn. Who’s husband doesn’t watch porn.

I’m not saying that the reform of the expenses scandal wasn’t a good thing, it was. It needed to be done and I’m glad it happened, I would just like to see MP’s given space to concentrate on their real work, just for a bit.

Essentially what I’m saying is, we’re only on this planet for a short time so enjoy it. Every once in a while just stop and take stock of your situation and realise how lucky you are to be in this wonderful world, where you can make your own choices, live how you like, and just admire the beauty of what life is.


Shame on Fox. February 22, 2010

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That’s the television network, not the animal, they’re nice.

This, my first proper post, is going to be a moan off at production companies for not giving programmes a chance. In particular Joss Whedon’s latest series Dollhouse, co-created by Eliza Dushku.

The show has a simple premise, a large company rent out people imprinted with other personalities out to rich people for pleasure, or to kill someone or other such stuff. Sounds like a terrible concept yes, but once the full story starts you begin to feel for the charachters, and by the time the end of the episode comes, it leaves you wanting the next episode to come quicker.

The actors playing the “dolls” are temendously talented, playing numerous different roles with perfection. But it doesn’t just rest on their shoulders, the workers in the Dollhouse are also massively likeable, especially the rather cool science geek Topher, played by Fran Kranz. Probably not a name you’ve heard before, but a name well worth checking out and keeping an eye on.

But back to the point of what this ramble is meant to be about, Fox seems to have a problem with Joss Whedon projects now. His last outing was Firefly, was cancelled before the first season had even completed it’s airing, but due to massive DVD sales a film was then made to complete the story off, produced by Whedon and Universal Pictures.

Dollhouse is like this again, only without the film. After the first series they had to fight for a second series, and to help this there was a lot of fan support across the internet which is seen as a factor for why the second series was commisioned. Unfortunately during the filming of the second series, the show was officially cancelled, which meant Whedon was able to make a final episode and bring the story to a close.

Yes, it was good of Fox to let the production team know early enough so they could complete the story, but my point is, many television series are bought to an end very early on after only one or two series, but things need time to grow. Joss Whedons first major project was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this also started off with a low audience like Dollhouse and Firefly, but they let it grow and it then became one of the biggest programmes of its time, but in the current climate, production companies want instant hits, many of these instant hits then growing stale after a few series.

There is a brilliant and very long line at the start of series 4 of Family Guy, this was the first episode after they were bought back from being cancelled, and all the line is, is a huge list of all the shows that Fox had cancelled in the few years before. I would just like to know how many of them shows, if given some time to grow and flower, would have gone on to be succesful series’.

Really I’m just saying, come on Fox, give things some times.

Peter: Everybody I’ve got bad news. We’ve been cancelled.
Lois: Oh no Peter! How could they do that?
Peter: Well unfortuantely Lois, there’s just no more room on the schedule. We just gotta accept the fact that FOX has to make room for terrific shows like Dark Angel, Titus, Undeclared, Action, That 80’s Show, Wonder Falls, Fast Lane, Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Skin, Girl’s Club, Cracking Up, The Pitts, Firefly, Get Real, Freaky Links, Wanda At Large, Costello, The Lone Gunman, A Minute with Stan Hooper, Normal Ohio, Pasadena, Harsh Realm, Keen Eddy, The Street, American Embassy, Cedric The Entertainer, The Tick, Louie, And Greg The Bunny….
Lois: Is there no hope?
Peter: Well I suppose if ALL those shows go down the tubes we might have a shot.


Welcome to a blog of confusion….. February 20, 2010

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Confusion over what happens in life, mainly mine but it would be a bit strange of me to be writing about yours, we’ve never met, confusion about news stories, music, art, theatre, comedy, interpretive dance. Ok, there will never be anything on this blog about interpretive dance because it’s terrible, if anyone can do it, it’s not an art form.

I’m starting this blog because i enjoy writing, I may not be anyone famous, or a proffesional writer, but I hope someone reads this and enjoys what I put. Some of this will be humurous, some of it will more than likely just be a very angry ramble, I can’t help it, stuff annoys me. Essentially I just want to see if what I think is normal, or is actually just complete nonsense. I want to see comments and feedback good or bad, and I especially want to see debate.

Some parts of this blog are likely to offend people, and I hope it does, we are all different, we all feel different things, we all think different views, we all have different views on every subject, and if you never feel offence throughout your entire life then you aren’t trully living.

I should probably outline my views in this first blog and tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 21 years old from a small town in Essex, UK. I enjoy reading a good number of books, watching a good amount of comedy, and get to as much stand-up comedy as I can. I may not have done to well at school and college, but since leaving full time education I have discovered the joys of learning as much as I can.

I’m also extremely left-wing, and, as some have said, a militant atheist. I don’t feel I’m militant, I just feel that if the priests, rabbi’s and other faith leaders can preach to me, why shouldn’t I be allowed to preach back.

Right, that’s it for my first post, hopefully there should be new updates everyday, or when I remember, I hope you enjoy it, I hope you debate over it, and I hope someone reads it.  Thank You